How does your process work?2018-05-24T16:25:44-05:00

How our process works is we would schedule a time to have one of our Sales Representatives come out and survey your facility. Once they get back, we will turn those measurements in to our pricing department and we will then send out an estimate to you.

What is my next step after approving my estimate?2018-05-24T16:21:07-05:00

We will need the type of payment method that you will be using. Such as a PO or Booster. If it is a PO, we will need the PO-Form w/Tax Exemption. If it is a Booster, we will need written approval from the Booster President and Coach, along with contact information. After we receive this information, your order will be processed and sent to our design team, where one of our extraordinary designers will be in contact with you.

Does it cost me anything for a Sales Representative to come out and see me?2018-05-24T16:20:45-05:00

We do not charge for one of our sales representatives to come out and survey. This is a service we provide, free of charge, to our potential clients.

How much will it cost me to upgrade my facility to the next level?2018-05-24T16:20:17-05:00

We base our pricing off of square footage.

When can I start seeing proofs?2018-05-24T16:19:47-05:00

Since everything is custom designed at Waterboy, we do not start sending proofs until the estimate is approved.

Can I see a mock up before approving my estimate?2018-05-24T16:19:11-05:00

If you would like to see a mock up of your school, we charge $45.00 per hour for design time that you can use towards your order.

Can I make changes on the design that is sent to me?2018-05-24T16:18:18-05:00

Yes, once your order is in design, we will send you designs based off your logos and slogans if you have it. You can approve and make changes as you wish. We do not send anything to production without your written consent.

Can I see what my design will look like on my facility before it gets printed?2018-05-24T16:17:50-05:00

Yes, we super impose your design with the image that we took of your facility, so that you get a good idea of how it will look once it’s all completed.

I want to use my logo, is there a certain file you that you need? What about pictures?2018-05-24T16:17:21-05:00

If you have a logo you want to use, it needs to be sent in a vector format that ends in ai, eps, or pdf. This ensures that the image stays true to form even when enlarged. If you have student photos, please get with the school photographer or yearbook coordinator, they almost always have high resolution photos that you can use.

What if I don’t have a logo, can you re-create it for me?2018-05-24T13:40:55-05:00

If you do not have a logo and need one to be re-created, we would be more than happy to do so for you. For a fee, your logo will be re-created in vector format and you will be sent all the files that you will need for future use.

If I have designs that I want to use, will that lower the cost of graphics time?2018-05-24T13:39:45-05:00

Yes, if you have designs that you want to use and in the necessary formats, that will definitely lower the cost of design time. We would have to see those files before the final approval of the estimate in order to adjust design time pricing accordingly.

How do I know my school colors will be correct?2018-05-24T13:38:42-05:00

When our sales representatives come out to visit with you, they will show you a color chart that you can select from. If you do not see your color on the chart, we can custom create your colors and will send you color swatches for your approval. Do note, this will add some time to your order.

Do you install?2018-05-24T13:38:19-05:00

Yes, Waterboy has a great installation crew that will ensure the quality you are looking for.

After I approve my design, how long does it take for you to come out and install?2023-04-27T18:42:41-05:00

Our average turnaround time is 2-4 weeks. If you are trying to meet a deadline, be sure to let your Sales Representative know beforehand so that there will be no delays in getting your order installed on time.

How much does it cost to install?2018-05-24T13:33:24-05:00

All installation labor is included in our pricing.

Are there any other expenses that may incur that aren’t on this initial estimate?2018-05-24T13:32:40-05:00

No, the estimate that you approve is the estimate that will be ordered and sent to design.

Can I make changes to my estimate, such as adding additional items?2018-05-24T13:30:50-05:00

Yes, if you choose to add additional items that were not on the initially approved estimate we will send you either a revised estimate to include the additions or send you a new estimate with just those additions pending your approval with new PO or Booster confirmation. Rest assured we do not move anything through unless we have your full written approval.

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