How does your process work?

What is my next step after approving my estimate?

Does it cost me anything for a Sales Representative to come out and see me?

How much will it cost me to upgrade my facility to the next level?

When can I start seeing proofs?

Can I see a mock up before approving my estimate?

Can I make changes on the design that is sent to me?

Can I see what my design will look like on my facility before it gets printed?

I want to use my logo, is there a certain file you that you need? What about pictures?

What if I don’t have a logo, can you re-create it for me?

If I have designs that I want to use, will that lower the cost of graphics time?

How do I know my school colors will be correct?

Do you install?

After I approve my design, how long does it take for you to come out and install?

How much does it cost to install?

Are there any other expenses that may incur that aren't on this initial estimate?

Can I make changes to my estimate, such as adding additional items?